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 AnitaspianoAnita has a wonderful life where playing the piano and music surrounds her. She lives in Brno, Czechoslovakia with her family down from the town’s castle. But when she is just short of nine..  


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By BestSeller and Mountain Award Finalist Marion Stahl.


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“I dreamt… I was playing the piano. The notes were strangely monotonous and had lost their melodious tone.”

Anita Ron Schorr lived her early years in Czechoslovakia as the daughter of a Jewish family who loved music. Their lives changed when Germany invaded their country and began targeting Jewish people. The family was ordered to vacate their large home near Spielberg Castle in Brno. Anita, a precocious nine year old, called Hitler a yobo (bully) and wrote him an angry letter. When she turned eleven, they were forced to leave their apartment and transported to a ghetto. There Anita and her younger brother stayed with their mother, while the father lived and worked elsewhere in the complex. Their possessions were gone; they were hungry all the time. Anita realized they were living a nightmare.  Cont

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Well Written – Moving – Powerful

If Anita’s Piano doesn’t burrow into your heart and mind, I can’t imagine what will. If you don’t feel ill to read of this dark stain on history, I would be amazed. This is powerful reading, moving, educational and the true story of a young girl who survived the brutality of WWII, concentration camps and the terror of wondering which day will be your last. What kept Anita going, how was she able to survive? Was it holding on to the happy memories, love of family and the way life used to be? Was it an inner strength and resourcefulness? Anita’s story comes to life under the pen of Marion A. Stahl, chronicling Anita’s life before the German invasion and after the hateful and horrendous devastation of their occupation.

As an educational tool, no student should miss Anita’s story. This is history, the proof of the cruelties that racism and bullying, greed and the lust for power can create. Much more personal than a classic text book, Be a Hero: Anita’s Piano allows the reader to see, hear and feel the truth of living through such atrocities. It takes a caring hand to write this tale and a brave soul to share their life with such honesty. I cannot recommend this book enough to ALL readers, young and not so young.



Anita’s Piano written by Marion Stahl and narrated by Anita Ron Schorr herself, is the story of how Anita persevered against the odds in Hitler’s Nazi Germany. Until age 9 Anita’s life was happy and filled with a great deal of love. She played the piano and lived in Brno, Czechoslovakia. When she was 9 her world changed when her beautiful town was captured by Nazi forces. From there her family is moved again and again, each time shrinking in numbers until she becomes an orphan at the age of 15.

This book takes us through her life and all of its struggles including the moves, her time in a concentration camp, and learning that she has no family left. This book follows her as she comes to terms with the tragedy that impacted her life.

Anita’s story will tug at your heart strings all the while providing a first person account of what it was like to live through and survive the holocaust. This book is definitely worth a read.


Page Turning Memoir

The story engages you from the onset as we feel the worry and loss of Anita while she searches for her family. We also feel the camaraderie of her and her friends as they gossip about boys and what they want in life. Anita is like many teen girls forced to grow up too quickly in a world at war. But then we find out what happened before the orphanage. The idyllic family life, the fear, the many betrayals, the pain, cold, sickness, separation and unrelenting hunger. It’s tragic. Frightening. Amazing. Amazing that Anita is sharing her story.

Admittedly, memoirs aren’t my favorite, but I do read them and this one is wonderful. I really liked how the author brought in trivia and historical points, as both a comparison and a timeline tool for the reader. The historical aspects were engrossing and her storyteller style made the combination of history and Anita’s story, seamless. The photos are a charming addition to the story and the recipes reminded me of my grandmother. I will have to try them. Please pick up a copy, you won’t be disappointed.

Leslie O’Brien