Anita’s Piano written by Marion Stahl and narrated by Anita Ron Schorr herself, is the story of how Anita persevered against the odds in Hitler’s Nazi Germany. Until age 9 Anita’s life was happy and filled with a great deal of love. She played the piano and lived in Brno, Czechoslovakia. When she was 9 her world changed when her beautiful town was captured by Nazi forces. From there her family is moved again and again, each time shrinking in numbers until she becomes an orphan at the age of 15.

This book takes us through her life and all of its struggles including the moves, her time in a concentration camp, and learning that she has no family left. This book follows her as she comes to terms with the tragedy that impacted her life.

Anita’s story will tug at your heart strings all the while providing a first person account of what it was like to live through and survive the holocaust. This book is definitely worth a read.


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